Autonomy and positive treatment

Academic works

The EDUBUTIC group, part of the “Education, Culture and Society” Training and Research Unit of the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU, was set up to work on the research project entitled “Autonomy, Positive Treatment and Citizenship Education from a gender perspective”, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (EDU 2008-01478/EDUC-State call for grant applications for R&D projects in 2008) and the Basque Government Department of Education (IT 427-10- Basque University system call for grant applications for group research activities).

The project has a threefold aim. Firstly, it aims to explore students’, families’ and educators’ ideas regarding autonomy and caring for both oneself and for others.

Secondly, it seeks to design and assess an intervention programme for preventing and coping with peer aggression in the school environment.

And finally, it aims to set up a dynamic website in order to make the work carried out in these fields available to all.