Educating for a different future in a global and multicultural world

This website aims to serve as a platform for sharing educational experiences and research which seek to further the development of the intellectual, social, emotional and ethical competences required to live in accordance with a set of democratic values in a global, multicultural world.

The research group “EDUBUTIC” (Education for positive treatment, equality and citizenship) aims, above all, to create a space on the Internet where people can find “resources” (strategies, experiences, guides, observatories, plans, programmes, education services) and specific “tools” (debates, dynamics, games, dramatizations, simulations, interviews, oral histories, images, narratives and videos) which may prove useful for teachers working in a number of different settings (school, family, community, in the workplace). The resources and tools presented are organised and structured around three main thematic areas:

  1. Social and personal development (self-esteem, autonomy, emotional development, interpersonal relationship skills, values, personal memory).
  2. Rights, responsibilities and democratic engagement (citizenship skills, peace and harmonious coexistence, cooperation, non-violent conflict resolution and historical-social memory).
  3. Equality and diversity (gender, inclusion, interculturalism, cultural memory).

The website also offers users the possibility of recounting and sharing their own experiences, obtaining “information” about news items and events, and accessing (through links) other interesting websites related to these issues.