Third block


Outlines of the third block

Unit I: Is there anything we can do about abuse?

  • Activity 1: Gauging abuse and bullying
  • Activity 2: Who is involved? Finding solutions.
  • Activity 3: Can we put a stop to abuse and bullying?

Unit II; When technology is used for abusive purposes

  • Activity 1: “I don’t believe it could happen here”
  • Activity 2: Maybe it doesn’t happen here, but if it did, would we know what to do?
  • Activity 3: Can we reduce the risk? Ensuring the right to free expression.

Unit III: I have the right to be different!

  • Activity 1: I can do it too.
  • Activity 2: Why don’t you?
  • Activity 3: I have the right to be how I am, not how you want me to be.