Teaching guide

Thematic index

Block /. Dialogue: Communication, emotion and reflexive thinking
Outlines-summary of Block I

  • Unit 1 – Block I: Talking/debating
  • Unit 2 – Block I: Feelings talk also
  • Unit 3 – Block I: Angry? Then what?

Block II. Ensuring the rights of all by participating and cooperating
Outlines-summary of Block II

  • Unit 1 – Block II: Encourage or discourage?
  • Unit 2 – Block II: Each to their own…
  • Unit 3 – Block II: Ensuring everyone’s rights

Block III. Standing up to abuse
Outlines-summary of Block III

  • Unit 1 – Block III: Is there anything we can do about abuse?
  • Unit 2 – Block III: When technology is used for abusive purposes
  • Unit 3 – Block III: I have the right to be different

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